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What's the difference between Facial Serums and Oils?

With so many products on the market, it can sometimes feel like a minefield when building a skincare routine. 

So, let's demystify to understand what the difference is between a Facial Serum and Facial Oil. 

Well, both can benefit your skin when added to your skincare routine, and it's certainly not an either-or scenario, but it's good to understand the difference of when to apply them. 

Facial Serums are thinner and a lighter liquid than a facial oil and are typically water-based. Due to their thinner texture, they tend to absorb more quickly and penetrate the skin easily, which is why they're more suited to be used both morning and night.

Facial Oils are best used in small amounts, as they are oil-based liquids. Due to their thicker consistency, facial oils create a barrier to help prevent moisture loss. These are best used last as part of an evening skincare routine, as they restore and nourish the skin overnight. 

We hope this provides some more clarity for you the next time you're wandering through the skincare section and not too sure what you're after.  


Image by FreePik

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