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Zero...Your Skincare...Our Planet

What do you do when you’re inspired by a family history in personal care products and your generation’s desire for sustainable skincare? The answer is: ZERO.

ZERO is exactly what Holly Wagman did. At the age of 22, Holly joined Skin Academy, an exciting new skincare business based in London, and soon began working on what has now evolved into ZERO, an all-natural, planet-friendly skincare brand.

Suffering from ultra-sensitive skin and eczema in her teenage years, Holly became acutely aware that she had to be very selective with the products she used on her skin, especially her face and around her eyes. It became a passionate quest to understand the origin of ingredients, their properties and their benefits, with a special focus on naturally derived botanical ingredients, which she found her skin tolerated and responded to best.

Wanting to make a difference and driven by her own personal need for skincare that would nourish and not aggravate her skin, Holly focused her educational pursuits in the realms of Food Science, Chemistry, Biology and Business Management.

Now, as Director of Product, Holly combines her knowledge and passion for natural botanical ingredients with her desire to lessen our collective impact on the planet.

“As a beauty brand developer looking to reimagine traditional skincare products, it was important for me to think outside the skincare jar and ensure that all aspects of ZERO products and packaging were as safe for the environment as they are for our skin.”

Conscious Beauty. Your Skin. Our Planet 

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